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03 Number Conferencing - Instant Setup, No Registration, No Expensive Bills, Up to 50 Participants, Simple Conferencing

You will be provided with your conference number immediately onscreen and via email

× Coronavirus (Covid 19) - If you are a Public Sector, Charity, School, College, University, Religious Organisation, Health Care or other organisation with a requirement to run regular and potentially large participation community chat/conferences over the coming months. You are highly advised to contact us on 03303 25 1000 (or email: feedback @ instantfreeconferences.com (remove spaces)). To help where possibly we can dedicate resources and setup conferences larger than 50 participants. We are not charging for this. VoxYonder (operating this service) is a new Telecommunications Operator still building our network and product offerings prior to launch. As a company response to Covid-19, we have built this simple, easy to use conference service for those who may need it.
× BETA Warning - Instant Free Conferences is still under development and being tested by participating users. We do not provide any liability, guarantee, warranty or similar of any kind. You use our service at your own risk. Please send any issues or suggestions to feedback @ instantfreeconferences.com (remove spaces).


1. What is Instant Free Conferences?

A simple, free, unbeatable low cost, easy to use community chat/conference solution which can be used by anyone from businesses to communities, friends and who ever else wants to all speak at the same time. The uses are limitless.

2. How does it work?

Enter your email address above and we will create an instant free conference PIN for you. Share the conference number and PIN with your conference participants via e-mail. Dial the 03 number in your email and then enter the conference PIN number. Record your name and you have joined your conference.

3. Do you offer other conference type services (international local numbers, screen sharing etc.)?

No, Instant Free Conferences is a simple no frills instant conferencing service.

4. What are the costs

We use 03 numbers. Therefore, the call should be included in any inclusive allowance you have to landlines.

5. Who are you?

The service is a brand of VoxYonder, a UK based Next Generation Communications Network. We are still building our network and product offerings. This service was created in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic to help groups and teams stay in touch simply and cost effectively.

6. Are there any limits to the conference?

There is a maximum of 50 participants per conference and a conference call can only last up to 6 hours. The conference number will only remain valid for up to 60 days. After which create a new conference above. If you require this to be higher, please contact us on 03303 25 1000.

7. Can I have a new conference number for each conference I need to make?

Yes! You can reuse the conference number or setup a new conference by entering your email above again to get a new conference number.

8. Can you provide us a dedicated conference number?

Yes! You can also be provided free 03 numbers for your business or organisation, redirected to landline for free or mobile at a very low cost. Please goto www.free03numbers.com